Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watch Immortals Movie Online

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Immortals is a 2011 3D action fantasy adventure film directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, and Mickey Rourke. The film also stars Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, Joseph Morgan, Stephen Dorff, Alan Van Sprang, Isabel Lucas, and John Hurt. The film was previously named Dawn of War and War of the Gods before being officially named Immortals, and is loosely based on the Greek myths of Theseus and the Minotaur and the Titanomachy.

It was released in 2D and in 3-D (using the Real D 3D and Digital 3D formats) on November 11, 2011 by Universal Pictures and Relativity Media.

Years after the Titanomachy, the King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) declares war on humanity. He searches for the Epirus Bow, a legendary weapon created by the war god Ares (Daniel Sharman), which will allow him to free the rest of the Titans from Tartarus and take revenge on the Olympians who brought about their downfall. 

 In accordance with ancient laws, the gods are unable to take a side in the war between Hyperion and humanity. It is left to Theseus (Henry Cavill), who was chosen by Zeus (Luke Evans) and accompanied by the priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and a thief named Stavros (Stephen Dorff), to protect his homeland and save the gods.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Watch The Adventures of Tin-Tin Online

Tintin, a young journalist, and his dog Snowy, are browsing in an outdoor market in a European town. Tintin buys a model of a three-masted sailing ship, the Unicorn, for a good price, but is then immediately accosted by the sinister Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, and the mysterious figure of Barnaby, who both try to buy the model from Tintin, without success. Tintin takes the ship home, but it is broken during a fight between Snowy and a neighbour's cat. As it breaks, a parchment scroll slips out of the ship's mast. Snowy spots it but is unable to alert Tintin. Meanwhile, incompetent detectives Thomson and Thompson are on the trail of a pickpocket, Aristides Silk. Tintin visits Sakharine in Marlinspike Hall, where he learns that there are at least two model ships.

Later, Tintin is shot at, then abducted by accomplices of Sakharine, and imprisoned on the SS Karaboudjan. On board, Tintin escapes and meets the ship's nominal captain, Haddock. Haddock has been supplied with whisky by first mate Allan, who is working for Sakharine, and the captain is permanently drunk, and doesn't know what's happening on board his ship. Tintin and Haddock (and Snowy) eventually escape from the Karaboudjan in a lifeboat. Sakharine sends a seaplane to find them, but Tintin is able to capture the plane, and fly towards the (fictitious) Moroccan port of Bagghar, but they crash in the desert.

Dehydrated in the heat, and suffering from a sudden lack of alcohol, Haddock hallucinates, and starts to remember stories about his ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock(e), who was captain of the Unicorn during the 17th century. Sir Francis' treasure-laden ship was attacked by a pirate ship, led by the masked Red Rackham, and, after a fierce battle and eventual surrender, Sir Francis chose to sink the Unicorn, and most of the treasure, rather than allow it to fall into Rackham's hands. It transpires that there were three models of the Unicorn, each containing a scroll. Together, the scrolls will reveal the location of the sunken Unicorn, and its treasure.

In Bagghar, Tintin and the Captain find out that the third model ship is in the possession of the wealthy Omar Ben Salaad, but it is encased in a bullet-proof glass display case. Sakharine's plan is to stage a concert involving famous diva Bianca Castafiore, the "Milanese nightingale", whose penetrating singing voice will be able to shatter the glass case, allowing Sakharine's trained hawk to fly down and steal the third scroll. After a chase down to the harbour, pursued by Tintin and Haddock, Sakharine finally escapes with all three scrolls. Tintin chases him back to Europe and arranges a police reception for him on the dockside. Haddock and Sakharine, who is revealed to be the descendant of Red Rackham, replay their ancestors' swashbuckling sword fight, using dockside cranes, and Haddock is eventually victorious.

With the three scrolls in their possession, Tintin and Haddock find that the indicated location is Marlinspike Hall, and that the hall had been built originally by Sir Francis Haddock. There, in the cellar, they find some of the treasure, a clue to the location of the sunken Unicorn, and, perhaps, the excuse for another adventure.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Watch Puss in Boots Movie Online

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The story takes place before Puss (Antonio Banderas) met Shrek and Donkey, when he was a swashbuckling hero who protected the innocent.

The film starts with Puss escaping a bounty hunter and entering a nearby town. Puss learns that two murderous outlaws, Jack (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jill (Amy Sedaris) have the magic beans he's been looking for half his life, which lead to a giant's castle holding valuable golden goose eggs. When Puss tries to take them from the two outlaws, another cat with a mask interrupts. Both fail and escape, and Puss follows the cat back to his hideout, where they have both a dance and a sword fight. After getting hit in the head with a guitar by Puss during their fight, the other cat reveals that she is female, much to Puss's surprise. Puss then meets his old childhood friend Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), who introduces her as Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek), one of the best cat thieves in the world. They ask him to join them in finding the beans, planting them, and getting the golden eggs which lie at the top. Puss refuses to work with Humpty due to a past betrayal that left him falsely accused for robbery, alienating him from his hometown and adoptive mother. Puss abandoned Humpty in disgust, leaving him to be apprehended by the authorities.

After Humpty explains to Puss that he wants a second chance, Puss agrees to help him obtain the beans, making it clear that he is doing it for the town and his mother, not for Humpty. They manage to successfully steal the beans from Jack and Jill and manage to elude them after a fast paced canyon chase. As Humpty leads them to the spot where they must plant the beans, Puss and Kitty's relationship begins to grow from rivalry into friendship. When they finally reach the spot and plant the beans, the trio ride the growing beanstalk up into the clouds where the giant's castle is. Humpty tells them that the giant living in the castle is dead, but they must be wary of the Terror, a fearsome monster that guards the Golden Goose. When they realize that the golden eggs are too heavy to carry back, they instead decide to steal the Goose itself and manage to escape the castle and the Terror. While celebrating their victory, the group is ambushed by Jack and Jill, with Puss getting knocked out.

When Puss wakes up, he immediately tracks Jack and Jill back to his old hometown, where he finds out that the entire heist was a plot by Humpty to lure him back to his hometown to be arrested, as revenge for abandoning him to the authorities. Jack, Jill, and even Kitty were involved. After pleas from his mother, Puss gives himself up to the guards while Humpty donates many golden eggs to the town and becomes a hero. While in prison, Puss meets the original Jack from the Jack and the Beanstalk story, who warns him that the Terror is in fact the Golden Goose's mother, and it will stop at nothing to get its child back. A repentant Kitty helps Puss break out of prison. He then convinces Humpty to help him fight off the Terror, saying that he knows Humpty is a good person at heart, and he will be forgiven if he helps save the town. The Terror finally arrives at the town, revealing itself to be a giant goose. Using the Golden Goose as bait, Puss and Humpty manage to lure the Terror out of the town, but Humpty and the Goose are knocked off a bridge with Puss holding on to them. However, Humtpy knows Puss cannot hold both of them up and he lets go, sacrificing himself to save the Goose and the town. Humpty's shell cracks open to reveal that he was a golden egg on the inside. The Terror then takes the Goose and Humpty's body away back to the giant's castle.

Puss is forced to flee the town because he is still an outlaw, but his efforts to save the town make him a hero among the local townspeople. Puss and Kitty get away from the guards once more, and Kitty says she will see him again soon, showing that she has taken his boots. In the epilogue, Jack and Jill are recovering from their injuries after being crushed by the Terror, Humpty is shown once again in his regular egg form as he rides the Terror in the clouds, and Puss and Kitty head back to dance at Kitty's hideout, where they finally kiss while dancing.