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In a retro-future the aging gene has been switched off, at 25 years old aging stops. To avoid overpopulation after 25 each person is given just one more year to live and stamped on their arm is a running clock of how long they have left, once the clock reaches zero they die. Time has therefore become the new currency, people earn time by working and spend it to pay for everyday necessities; for example in the film a coffee costs 4 minutes and a day's labor in a factory will earn a worker about 24 hours. Time can also be stolen or robbed from another person. The rich, however, can live forever. The two communities are completely separate; to keep it this way, it costs a whole year just to enter a wealthy area.

A wealthy man named Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) goes to a bar in a poor area, having over a hundred years left on his clock. He attracts some unwanted attention from a gang of robbers who try to steal his time, but is saved by local poor man Will Salas (Justin Timberlake). Hamilton explains to Salas that he is 105 years old and tired of life;

Later, while Salas is asleep, Hamilton transfers his time to Salas. Waking up, Salas discovers he now has over 116 years on his clock. Out the window, he sees Hamilton sitting on the edge of a bridge as his time runs out. He dies, falling into the shallow water of a storm drain.

Salas is accused of Hamilton's murder and he is forced to go on the run from a corrupt FBI-like police force known as the "Timekeepers" led by Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy), as well as from a hoodlum-like middle-aged mob called the "Minutemen", led by a senior citizen named Fortis (Alex Pettyfer), who is 75 years old.

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Watch Real Steel Online

In 2020, humans have been replaced by robots in boxing. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former boxer who attempts to get money in illegal boxing matches between robots to pay his debts to loan sharks. During a fight, Charlie's robot, Ambush, is destroyed by Black Thunder, a bull belonging to Ricky (Kevin Durand). Having made a bet that Ambush would win, Charlie now owes Ricky $20,000, which he doesn't pay before leaving.

While leaving, Charlie is informed that his ex-girlfriend has died, and he has to attend a meeting to decide the fate of his 11-year-old son Max (Dakota Goyo). Max's aunt Debra (Hope Davis) and uncle Marvin (James Rebhorn) want full custody, and Charlie gives it to them in exchange for $100,000 from Marvin, $50,000 of in advance, on the condition that Charlie takes care of Max for three months, while Marvin and Debra are away on a second honeymoon.

Charlie and Max meet with Charlie's friend Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lily), who runs the boxing gym of her deceased father, Charlie's old coach. There, Charlie buys a secondhand Japanese robot, Noisy Boy, and arranges for it to fight the illegal circuit's champion, Midas, at a venue belonging to his friend Finn (Anthony Mackie). Partly due to his inexperience with the robot, Charlie ends up losing control of Noisy Boy and Midas destroys it.

Charlie breaks into a junkyard with Max to steal scraps that he can use to put a new robot together. There, Max falls over a ledge, where he is saved from doom after being snagged by a lodged and buried robot arm. After Charlie pulls him back up, Max uncovers the entire robot, called Atom. On Max's insistence, Charlie takes it back to Bailey's gym, where they discover Atom is a sparring bot that can sustain massive damage, but isn't able to deal out much damage. Max convinces Charlie to get Atom a fight, and upgrades him to take vocal commands using spare parts from Noisy Boy and Ambush.

Charlie and Max take Atom to fight an unsanctioned outdoor match against a robot called MetroSexual, and Atom wins, earning back some of Charlie's money. Atom's string of subsequent wins attracts the attention of a promoter from the World Robot Boxing league (WRB), who offers Atom a professional fight against a robot called Twin Cities. Charlie accepts, and Atom wins again, thanks to Charlie's knowledge of boxing, which allows him to locate a design flaw in Twin Cities. Taking advantage of Atom's subsequent novelty attention, Max challenges WRB champion Zeus, designed by arrogant genius Tak Mashido (Karl Yune) and sponsored by rich Russian Farra Lemcova (Olga Fonda), who accepts, but first tries to buy the upstart Atom.

As they leave the Twin Cities fight, Charlie is attacked by Ricky and his men, who beat him severely, assault Max and steal their money. Feeling guilty, Charlie returns Max to his aunt and uncle so he can protect them, but Bailey convinces him he can be a better father to Max. Convincing Aunt Debra for one more chance, Charlie takes Max to the Zeus-Atom match, Zeus severely damages Atom — while also getting injured, a first for Zeus. In the last round of the five-round match, Atom's vocal receptors are damaged, and he has to fight in shadow boxing mode, copying Charlie's moves from the aisle. After Zeus runs very low on power, Atom begins to heavily damage Zeus, but doesn't win before the round ends, forcing the judges to declare a winner on points. They favor Zeus, but his reputation is tarnished, and Atom has become famous as "The People's Champion."

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In 2005 Katie delivers a box of old videotapes to her sister, Kristi, and Kristi's husband, Daniel. A year later, Kristi and Daniel's house is seemingly burglarized and the tapes are missing.

In 1988, a young Katie and Kristi live with their mother, Julie, and her boyfriend, Dennis, Kristi begins interacting with an invisible friend named Toby. Dennis notices that since Kristi's friend appeared, strange things have been happening in the house. Dennis and Julie try to make a sex tape, but are interrupted by an earthquake. While they look for the girls, the camera shows dust fall from the ceiling and land onto an invisible figure in the room. The figure then moves and the dust falls to the floor.

While reviewing the footage later, Dennis notices the strange incident. He invites his friend Randy over to view the footage, who suggests that Dennis place cameras throughout the house to capture any other incidents. That night in the girls' bedroom, Kristi wakes up and begins talking to someone off-camera before going back to bed. When Dennis questions her about this the following day, Kristi tells him that it is Toby. After more disturbed nights and strange occurrences, Dennis discovers a strange symbol in the girls' closet. He finds the same symbol on a picture of women in a book about mysticism. Dennis explains to Julie that the symbol belonged to a witches coven that brainwashed girls of child-bearing age into having sons and then forgetting about it, but Julie dismisses his claim.

After Kristi falls ill, Julie and Dennis take her to the hospital. Katie is left with Randy, and she asks him to play Bloody Mary with her. They go into the girls' bathroom and say "bloody Mary" three times and turn off the light. When nothing happens Katie insists they try again. Randy is stricken with pain and the lights reveal a large scratch up the side of his body. They try to leave the bathroom but a black figure moves past the door. When Randy tries to leave a second time, furniture is violently thrown around. After Julie and Dennis return, Randy hurriedly leaves.

The invisible entity terrorizes Katie and Kristi, harming Katie and later dragging her into the wardrobe until Kristi agrees to do what it asks. The next day Kristi asks her mother to take them to her grandmother Lois's home but she refuses. After Julie encounters terrifying activity in the kitchen she agrees to go to Lois's home. Dennis sets up another camera in the new bedroom. At 1 am, they are awoken by the sound of a car pulling up outside. Julie says the noise is Lois, who has trouble sleeping. After hearing more disturbances, Julie goes to investigate. When she fails to return, Dennis goes to look for her. In the background the camera captures a shadowy female figure. Dennis returns and picks up the camera.

He calls out for Julie and the girls but there is no answer. Downstairs, Dennis notices a human silhouette behind a curtain, which disappears when he enters the room. However he does find strange imagery on the walls, including the symbol that he found in the girls' room. Noticing that the back door is open, Dennis goes outside to investigate. In the garage he discovers Lois and several other women, all dressed in black. Dennis flees back to the house, with the women in slow pursuit. In the house he finds Julie at the top of the stairs. As he approaches, he sees that she is dead, her body levitating above the floor. Her body is thrown at Dennis, knocking him down the stairs. He picks himself up and sees Kristi, then retreats with her into a closet. Something bangs on the door but eventually leaves.

Dennis and Kristi leave the closet and find Katie crying by Julie's body. He slowly approaches Katie from behind and places his hand on her shoulder. As he does, Katie turns and unleashes an inhuman scream that throws him to the other side of the room, injuring his leg. Katie disappears. Dennis tries to crawl toward Julie's body but Lois walks into the hallway and stops in front of him. As Lois looks down on him, his body is suddenly and violently contorted, snapping backwards and killing him. Katie reappears and goes to Lois, who beckons to Kristi. As they head upstairs, Kristi calls to Toby. There is the sound of movement and a monstrous growl as the footage stops recording

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Allie and Noah break up, but immediately regret the decision. Allie's family leaves Seabrook the next day and Noah, devastated, writes her one letter every day for a year. Allie's mother intercepts and hides them. When Allie does not reply to the letters, Noah moves to Atlanta, Georgia. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, he enlists in the army for World War II while Allie attends college.

While in college, Allie volunteers as a nurse's aide for wounded soldiers and meets the injured Lon Hammond, Jr. (James Marsden). He is handsome, charming, and from a wealthy family. Lon and Allie get engaged; meanwhile, Noah returns home. Noah's father tells him that he is selling out so that Noah can purchase the Windsor Plantation (the abandoned Antebellum house, which Noah had promised Allie he would restore for her). While visiting Charleston, South Carolina, Noah sees Allie in the street. He watches her and sees her kissing Lon. Noah restores the old house, believing that if he keeps his promise to her, Allie will come back. Once he is finished, he tries to sell it, but cannot bear to part with it.
In the present, it is evident that the elderly woman is Allie and the storyteller is Noah. She does not recognize their children and family due to Alzheimer's disease.

In 1947, while trying on her wedding dress, Allie reads about Noah's house in the paper and decides to visit him. They talk over dinner, and Allie tells him she is getting married. They reminisce, but when it is time for her to leave, Noah asks her to come back the next day. He takes her to a picturesque setting by a pond with geese, and they begin to talk. On the way back in the rain, Allie demands to know why Noah never wrote after their first summer. Noah tells her he wrote her every day for a year. He says "It wasn't over for me. It still isn't over." They make love.

After two days, Allie’s mother appears while Noah is out and says that Lon has followed Allie to Seabrook. As her mother drives Allie to see the lumberyard, she tells about her own summer romance. On the drive back to Noah's house, Allie's mother returns his letters to her daughter, saying that she hopes Allie makes the right choice. Allie tells Noah that Lon is in town and how the past few days had been wonderful, but very irresponsible. Noah accuses her of loving Lon for his money, and says that if she leaves, he will hate her. He tells her to think about what she really wants. Confused, Allie drives off.

Distraught, Allie stops her car and reads Noah's goodbye letter from their first summer. She drives to the hotel to see Lon. Although she tells him she knows that she should be with him, she returns to Noah.
In the present, Allie realizes that she and Noah are the people in the book. It is only a few minutes until she fades and pushes Noah away as a stranger. Later Noah looks at the book- Allie wrote, "Read this to me, and I'll come back to you."

The next morning a nurse finds Noah in critical condition. He is saved from a heart attack. After returning from the hospital, he goes to see Allie. She wakes and recognizes him. She asks if their love is strong enough to take them away together. Noah says that their love can do whatever they want it to do. In the morning, they are found dead, lying together on her bed and holding hands.